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If you are encountering a family legal situation, now is the time to call the experienced attorneys of The Independence Law Firm today.

We understand the emotional stress that family issues can have on you; that is why we work diligently effectively navigate through the entire legal process to achieve the best possible outcomes. It is imperative to get your family case right from the beginning, otherwise, it could cost you not just in extra fees, but in precious time with your loved ones. In representing you in your family law case, we promise to work directly with you to meet your goals and needs. Our focus is to work in a timely manner and aggressively represent your rights.

Divorce – Dissolution of Marriage.

The legal process that accompanies a divorce can be full of difficult and highly complicated situations. Whether is it an Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage or a Contested Dissolution of Marriage, resolving your case right the first time will save you time and money and relieve you of unnecessary stress. The knowledgeable attorneys of The Independence Law Firm handle your case with care, working with you to build a plan to get the best outcome as quickly as possible.

Child Support

Determining the proper amount of child support can be difficult and parties frequently overpay. It is imperative to get the proper amount determined from the beginning. Failure to hire an experienced attorney may result in additional or higher child support payments.


Sometimes changes in your circumstances take place that you did not know about at the time of the divorce or family proceeding. These changes may require you to change the amount of child support or time-sharing with your family. Make sure you get these changes done right and promptly as the window to make the changes legally may close.


Non-married parents have different legal rights with regards to their children. It is imperative to seek qualified and experienced attorneys to guide you through this process to ensure that your rights are protected.

Pre and Post Marital Agreements

Our focus is to protect your rights and interests. We know that sometimes people need peace of mind before entering into a marriage or want changes done that protect them afterward. As trusted Central Florida family law attorneys, we completely handle your pre and post-marital agreements to protect you.

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